Santos, SP - 2017

NR Sports

01. The Project

Scoring Gols inside
and outside the Fields

NR Sports is a company specialized in image management, acting in the career of great athletes such as Neymar Jr. and Thiago Braz. It was founded in 2006 by Neymar da Silva Santos and Nadine Gonçalves, parents of the player Neymar Jr., who at the time saw the need for professional image management, given the enchantment that the boy awakened in the world of football and in the advertising market.

Reinforcing the athlete’s prestige and representativeness, NR Sports built a brand with worldwide impact and raised it to one of the most coveted levels in the advertising market.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Performance
  • Motion Graphics
  • WordPress
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • UX e UI
02. Dad is ON

"They thought they were going to take dad offline, but no..."

Developing an approach for the company of one of the great athletes of this century was a mission that required a multisectoral team thinking together so that the developed services worked in an integrated way, aiming to guarantee the greatest possible engagement and performance.

The Website was developed using the latest technologies to be navigated by anyone anywhere in the world. We thought about every detail, from defining the colors, to choosing the photos and layout, so that the user would be impacted by the speed and power of the athlete when navigating the site.

03. Eh Tóis

"When I stand up,
brother, the whole of Brazil
gets up with me"

The performance work developed followed the same strategic briefing with the focus on presenting Neymar Jr. beyond the fields, making the brand’s value explicit and bringing in new fans, customers and partners.

04. Anywhere in the world

For such a great and worldwide brand, it was necessary to go beyond in all delivery.

Facilitate the user experience at all times. For this purpose, we adapt the entire project to different platforms using advanced responsive design techniques.

Customizing the site on all devices brought immediate results:  we increased access, reduced bounce rates, preserved content and increased performance.

05. Too much to talk about it

"As long as there is 1% chance, there will be 99% Faith"

Much of the work developed for Neymar Jr.’s social networks. was focused on showing information and game data in the club he is playing or facing, making the star’s networks much more interactive and engaged.

06. Motion Graphic

We are forever together.

Producing animated posts is always a pleasure, especially when the client is one of the best players in the world. Dynamic, informative posts that interact with fans at the moment the star player is on the field playing are pure fun.

*see the animations by clicking on the images with the player!


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