Digital Intelligence and Analytics

A disruptive, technical and effective business model.

With almost 2 decades of expertise, Blue 5 Solutions is a multidisciplinary company focused on a specialized model, which combines intelligence and digital behavioral analysis with design and technology, designing and developing high performance customized websites and exclusive solutions, destined to improve and increase the traffic and digital results of companies.

With a user-centric approach, we employ our solutions in an integrated way using data collection and analysis as the backbone, so we can create a structured foundation in the definition of actions focused on capturing leads and increase traffic to generate new business and opportunities.

Create and design digital solutions crafted through digital behavioral intelligence and analytics to help brands and organizations innovate and drive online business growth.

Global Outsourcing

Actin as back office performance for international companies and agencies.

Blue 5 Solutions is a global company, not only because it has clients around the world, but because it has operating arms in the main financial centers of the planet, with a presence in three continents: America, Europe and Asia.

Our expertise is available not only to end customers but also to Companies, Marketing Agencies and Corporations that want to deliver to their customers and partners the highest level of integrated solution in intelligence and digital behavioral analysis and performance.


Digital Intelligence

Data & Metrics

The website is the only web platform that allows data and user behavior to be collected and studied. Through this digital intelligence it is possible to analyze consumer perceptions to better understand and meet the needs of its customers. A well-structured website is a vital and powerful information mapping platform.

Organizing and optimizing metrics (what/how they do, where/how they reach your company, which pages are of interest/rejection/withdrawal, what age group, gender, location, etc.), in addition to guiding and helping with actions of digital marketing, help in making a more assertive decision.



High Performance Custom Applications

The website is the platform that generates your best results because it is where we evaluate, collect user behavior and generate the next step for your sales. We adopt the best UX/UI practices, apply technical and functional issues (responsive, intuitive, optimized, customizable and analytical), as well as carry out a project based on efficient planning, taking social networks, ADS campaigns and SEO practices, to the website.

It is the most active tool in your business, which works 24 hours a day, and is always capturing data for analysis and conversion.


SEO Project

Search Engine Optimization

SEO techniques are essential for optimizing searches and help to leverage the positioning and ranking of companies' websites in search engines, thus increasing traffic, access and conversions.

For this reason, it is mandatory that the development of a website be done, from the beginning of the project, together with the SEO, so that in this way, the website is and is centered and developed according to the search behavior carried out by the users.


Google & Face Ads

Segmented Audience

Crafting a targeted and highly specific campaign is also part of the wide range of converting processes. During an internet search, with the use of sponsored links, we optimize advertisements for the product or service related to what is being sought.

Through paid advertisements in text, image or video format, we have the possibility of taking your company's message to a qualified audience. With a well-executed strategy, we increase your brand's engagement, offer new ways of segmentation and even enable a detailed diagnosis of results, such as counting impressions, clicks and conversion.


Dedicated Hosting

High Performance Servers

The quality of a hosting server is directly linked to the performance of your website, not only to meet the most demanding requirements of search engines, such as Core Web Vitals, but because it is responsible for processing the result of an action, the significantly impacting the results and investments made by companies.

Quality hosting guarantees stability, fast loading rate, full compatibility and security in backups, something fundamental for a high-performance website to be well positioned and provide a good experience for its audience.

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Successful partnership with the biggest brands on the market with exclusive projects.


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