Connecticut, US - 2022

Arctic Wolf

01. Intro

The Purity and quality
straight from the mountains

Americans commonly have the behavior of drinking tap water that has added fluoride or purchasing fluoride-free bottled water from supermarkets. The service of delivering water in bottles and dispensers is not common and, when it exists, it does not reach many regions. According to the growing demand for quality water, Arctic Wolf Spring Water came to meet this need in the South Jersey region of New Jersey.

They offer 3.5 liter bottles and dispensers that are delivered in the comfort of your home or office. All at an affordable price for high quality water.

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02. Re-Branding

Brand update for greater impact

For a new layout, a new logo was needed that could convey more professionalism and better acceptance by the public. The previous logo was something simple and cartoonish, but it was possible to absorb the main essence to unify the most primordial elements and deliver the expected result.

The addition of the mountains, the wolf (which bears the brand name) and the water source resulted in something innovative without losing any of the main features.

03. Redesign Full

Unifying elements for a greater result

The old website layout was very simple, visual templates in shades of blue and gray, basic typography without any visual impact. In the redesign, a color palette was created that allowed exploring some shades of blue without detracting from the original look and in accordance with the brand’s identity and a more compressed typology, without the presence of serifs, making reading easier with the addition of modernity to the visual.

This concept allowed greater freedom of creation for the new, fully customized website, with evidence of important points and greater visual impact, thus achieving greater audience retention and engagement when access is available. The ease of the new interface generated a better experience and easy identification of conversion actions.


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