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01. Context

This is how unconditional love is born

The Plainfield Area Humane Society (PAHS) is a humane society located in New Jersey whose mission is to find homes for homeless pets, including those with special needs or challenges.

Through great care and treatment, they provide animal welfare and create an environment where they can receive love, respect and a lot of attention. PAHS receives donations from all corners of the United States through your gesture of love and solidarity.

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02. Style Guide

Humanize to
get a home

The colors of its logo were used in shades of brown, something that was not prioritized by the old version of its website. This set of colors combined with a curvilinear and semi-serif typology brings a feeling of warmth and affection, making the look much more humanized.

03. Website Redesign

A change made with a lot of love

The main change in the look of the website is the creation of a personalized website that meets the needs of the organization. This personalization generates greater creative freedom for the inclusion of important elements to be highlighted and a more impactful look. The old version of the website could not convey all the appeal and affection that a homeless animal needs.

04. Design Concept

Every day is the best day
to adopt an animal

With the creative freedom of a fully customized website and respecting the brand’s colors, it was possible to create an impactful layout with great emotional appeal. In addition, it was possible to insert and highlight some important elements such as buttons for donation, annual statistics, projects carried out and the maintenance needs of these animals.

This more humanized look helped in the growth of donations received and in the number of animals that were rescued and taken to a new home, filled with love and affection.


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