Santos, SP - 2021

Yavanna Cosmetics

01. Challenge

Born in Brazil to conquer the World

Yavanna Cosmetics is a Harmony Group company, already established in the country, which operates globally in the professional line hair cosmetics sales segment, with a strong presence in the Middle East.

Through a premium concept, its product line consists of shampoos, progressives, moisturizing masks, restorers and finishers, advertised through several distributors.

  • Website
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • Performance
  • WordPress
  • UX e UI
  • Digital Intelligence
  • Hosting
02. Shapes and colors

Quality, excellence
and delicacy

Gold is the primary color, as it reflects quality, richness and wisdom, conveying a feeling of exclusivity about a product. As secondary colors, we highlight some topics according to the color of the label of some products, all in harmony for easy identification by users. Regarding typology, a serif font was used, which brings us to a sense of confidence, conservatism and elegance.

03. Website

The right treatment generates the result you need.

Absorbing the essence of a premium line and reflecting it on the web is a challenge, and in this way, we translate it into high-impact images, delicacy and curved elements to bring fluidity and confidence that the brand so desires.

This concept is applied to a high-performance website respecting several characteristics required by search engines in order to reach the top positions of results.

04. Responsive Layout

The best of the product
at your reach.

If the objective is to take the brand to all corners of the world, it is clear that the site needs to cater to different types of devices, as each user and country has a different behavior when accessing the internet. In this way, we prioritize a highly responsive layout so that it adapts to everyone, without restriction or loss of information and visual impact.


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