Curitiba, PR - 2021

IT Experts

01. Context

Cutting-edge education
through the clouds

Encouraging educators and inspiring students, improving teaching through basic or academic educational technology is the goal of It Experts, offering cloud services solutions for private or public education. With its robust infrastructure and trusted advisor partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), IT Experts promotes the largest education platform available on the market.

With a team of specialists in cloud and education solutions, the company supports several educational institutions throughout Brazil in their digital transformations.

  • Website
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • Performance
  • WordPress
  • Content
  • UX e UI
  • Digital Intelligence
02. Style Guide

National modernity with International infrastructure

Evidencing the brand identity goes far beyond a simple choice of typography and color palette. For this, a font was used that allowed legibility allied to modernity and that managed, in different weights, to convey the importance of each topic.

As for the set of colors, blue and yellow, which are already present in the identity, represent the perfect contrast to convey fluidity and highlight each block of information. As a complement, we have green and white that, as a whole, show what we have already talked about, shortening distances in teaching throughout Brazil.

03. Website

Impact on the look and feel and also on cloud solutions

Ease, technology and a lot of machine learning are pillars for the Cloud Service and transmitting the entire experience along with Amazon solutions is the biggest challenge. Everything needs to be very well explained so that the user can browse and interact on the various existing pages, also having a space for news about the sector, being a reference in its academic or technological segment.

The ease of finding the perfect solution is right at the first access, where each page and session was designed to meet the needs of institutions, with a high-impact look to convey all the team’s knowledge in cloud solutions.


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