Santos, SP - 2020 | 2021

Miramar Shopping

01. Challenge

The same Shopping
a new Experience

That the pandemic came to change everything is nothing new. That a mall decided to face this change head on, yes. Literally head-on: creating different virtual showcases.

The Miramar Shopping project was challenging in all aspects. From an institutional website with only local information, to a true interactive, functional and dynamic space. The idea went beyond revamping the layout. The goal was to deliver a user experience, as well as a source of income for shopkeepers.

We developed mini-sites for the mall’s stores, where it was possible for the customer to browse the product windows and, via an app or e-mail, complete the purchase. All this was done in record time, after all, trade was at a standstill and depended on new solutions.

With a neutral design combined with intuitive navigation, the result exceeded expectations, becoming a reference in the market.

Now, Miramar Shopping corridors are always on.

  • Website
  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • UX e UI
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Digital Intelligence
  • Hosting
02. Virtual Showcase

And in the reflection of their colors we discover their values

Every detail, from the choice of colors to the placement of icons and items, was thought to be supportive, always highlighting the product.

Our mission was to create an environment where the customer could immerse themselves in a true virtual tour, as if they were walking in person in a mall looking at the windows.

Likewise, the entire purchase system for the virtual stores was developed by B5 so that the customer could purchase products and services quickly and intuitively. Valuing convenience at a mouse click, and placing the object of desire at the consumer’s fingertips.


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