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01. The Project

A new Platform just the way you need

Before proceeding with the presentation of the case, we would like to inform you that this site is about adult content, and for publication purposes, we have changed its logo and content in respect for users and company confidentiality.

The project focuses on the complete reformulation of the portal, offering users an exclusive navigation and interface, with greater ease of use and resources that favor the increase of the engagement of available pages and contents, in addition to guaranteeing greater data security, either through the creation of the account, such as the storage of users’ personal data and financial transactions for the purchase and sale of products through e-commerce, taking into account that this site offers the exclusive sale of published and on-demand videos as a product.

  • Website
  • Strategy
  • Laravel CMS
  • Performance
  • UX e UI
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Digital Intelligence
  • Hosting
02. Portal

It will be like it's your first time

The importance of the reformulation was to provide users with an experience of a content portal with several features similar to streaming video portals, where users from all over the world already know and are familiar with its interface.

To meet the high demand for simultaneous access received from the 5 continents, it was necessary to support a good hosting service, where many will now be able to access the various existing categories without suffering with response time from different acquisition channels such as organic searches, cpc banners, social networks and etc.

03. Full Video

The higher the level of detail, the better the experience

A beautiful picture is worth a thousand words and the streaming portal developed by Blue 5 takes this literally. Each page is a real treat for the user. Each frame was meticulously crafted to ensure that the user remains as long as possible on the portal. Everything, from the choice of colors, layout and option for very high quality images, was designed to provide a greater level of satisfaction to everyone who browses the portal.

Now all the information about the video is clearly visible with release date, running time, category, cast, quality and especially the value, which is made available at the beginning of the pages, so that users have prior knowledge of what it is about beforehand. to locate the player with the video preview and photo gallery. In addition, a like and dislike button was added, as well as a comments field, where several users have the possibility to report and share their respective experiences with other users.

04. Features and Blocking

Security and transparency is the best "condom"

If you are having contact with the website for the first time, you will soon notice during navigation that some features will be disabled, such as: trailer viewing, comments, actors’ technical data, etc. And for these functions to be released, it is necessary to register, even if for free with all information security and reliability of your data.

This way of working only with real and registered users considerably increases the credibility of the feedback received, which constantly helps a new user’s purchase decision.

05. Cart and Purchase Details

Having your videos in hands is the greatest pleasure

The transparency of what you are buying or adding to your shopping cart is paramount in all e-commerce, and here it is no different, as each video page has its option for direct addition to the shopping cart that accompanies it in every interaction, any session that the user browses before making the payment, which is completely transparent, just like the big portals in the world.

06. Dashboard

A little place to call your

When we talk about transparency and security of their data, users will be able to access their registration page in any situation they find interesting, with all the information and preferences available, as well as the history of their purchases, being able to change their level of security with reformulation of login, password and even your subscription level with the various monthly options.

As one of the payment options, it is possible to add credits that will be available for future purchases, which can also be accessed in your personal information panel. Rest assured, this place is yours alone.


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